Laboratory for geomechanics and foundations

Basic activities of this laboratory are as follows:

  • On site and laboratory testing of the quality and placement of soil and all kind of unbound materials,
  • Testing of soil on site by test trial pits and boring and static penetration for the needs of the foundation of structures and buildings (standard penetration test (SPT ), trial boring with self driving drilling machine till depth of 400m, static – cone penetration test (CPT ) 20t),
  • Production of geomechanical studies for foundation of structures,
  • On site testing with dynamic cone penetrometer (DCP ) of unbound pavement layers,
  • Taking of disturbed and undisturbed samples of soil and their laboratory testing,
  • Laboratory testing of soil and unbound materials samples,
  • Consulting services at carrying out of all types of earth works,
  • Production of geotechnical bases for all phases of the production of design-technical documentation for roads, railways, bridges and buildings,
  • Production of geological profiles,
  • Investigation works (trial pits and coring) and laboratory testing, for determination of structure and materials quality in pavement layers,
  • Ground Penetrating Radar non destructive survey of geotechnical profiles and pavement structures,
  • Pile in soil integrity testings with equipment for ultrasonic measurement (ultrasonic soundness (hammer) method or ultrasonic crosshole testing – low strain integrity test),
  • Pile in soil testings – Trial load testings with load 10.000kN and deformation measurement.