Laboratory for asphalt

Basic activities of this laboratory are as follows:

  • Quality testing of asphalt mixes before and after laying down for the needsof quality control (QC/QA), designing and construction of all types of asphalt layers,
  • Sampling from asphalt pavement by coring and cutting out blocks for the need of laboratory analysis,
  • Processing of samples of asphalt, stone and concrete with diamond saws,
  • Internal quality control of the asphalt production on asphalt plants (permanent and periodical control),
  • Production of job mix trials (preliminary asphalt mixture design) for asphalt concrete, bituminous base courses, SMA , surface treatments, micro-asphalts, and other types of hot, warm and cold asphalt mixtures,
  • Production of working mixtures on asphalt plants,
  • Consulting services at carrying out asphalt works,
  • Fundamental mechanical characteristics laboratory testing of asphalt mixtures according to EN standards (rutting, fatigue, modulus), etc.