”CENTRAL ROAD LABORATORY” LLC (CPL) is company for consulting services in the field of construction and designing of roads, airports, railways, bridges and other civil engineering constructions. It is composed from the seven accredited testing laboratories for civil engineering construction materials, accredited certification body for product certification and five departments for consultancy services, supervision and design services.

Company has been formed by associating more than 40 years of experience in laboratory testing of construction materials, consultancy and design services within the Serbian market and the European market with ”NIEVELT Labor / Ingenieur” GmbH from Vienna, Austria.

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Managing board
General Director
Deputy General Director
Secretariat and general department
Assistant Director for Project Management and Evaluation
Assistant Director for Quality and Development
Testing Laboratories
Certification Body
Department for consultancy services, supervision and design services
Certifying commission
Department for supervision and project management
Department for pavement design
Department for road design
Department for bridges and structure design
Department for geotechnics
Laboratory for bitumen, bituminous emulsions and waterproofing
Laboratory for stone and stone aggregate
Laboratory for asphalt
Laboratory for geomechanics and foundations
Laboratory for concrete and cement
Laboratory for steel
Laboratory for structure and bridges testing

High professional skills of the employees and modern equipment as well as good laboratory practice are the basis of a professional approach for achieving good relationships with the users of consultancy, designing and laboratory testing services. Constant training in new technologies and active participation in research work have enabled CPL to offer to its users a stronghold in preparation and modernization of the methodology of application of civil engineering construction materials.

CPL is located in intentionally built and specially equipped building and premises all in accordance with the requirements of the European standards. Laboratory design was performed together with the Austrian experts from the ”NIEVELT Labor / Ingenieur” GmbH company.

CPL has a mobile laboratories for geomechanics, concrete and asphalt located on several large construction sites in Serbia, while with the permanent Branch office is present in Belgrade. ”NIEVELT Labor / Ingenieur” GmbH is an licensed consulting company, accredited testing laboratory for civil engineering construction materials, the accredited inspection body and the accredited laboratory for etalon measurements headquartered in Vienna (Stockerau), Austria which has its either representative offices and/or partner – daughter companies in Germany, Italy, Check Republic, Russia, Poland, Slovakia, Georgia and in Serbia too.

“NIEVELT Labor / Ingenieur” GmbH is presently engaged in the construction and maintenance of roads, railways and high-building structures in China, Kuwait, Iran, Azerbaijan, Lebanon, Georgia, Afghanistan…